Bauhaus Anonymous

active 1919-1933

For many who studied and photographed at the Bauhaus, the concept of ‘Bauhaus photography’ appears largely a myth. Outspoken former Bauhaus members, or ‘Bauhäusler,’ including Lucia Moholy, Walter Funkat, T. Lux Feininger, Irene Bayer, Lotte Beese, and Gertrud Arndt, all of whom photographed rather extensively at the Bauhaus—and none of whom learned photography there—emphasize repeatedly that there was no such thing. Photography was ‘in the air’ throughout Europe just like a lot of other things, an international phenomenon and nothing out of the ordinary at the Bauhaus. They recall that every second person was taking pictures on the side, and nobody thought it particularly remarkable. The term ‘Bauhaus Anonymous’ is hence used for students, teachers and other members of the Bauhaus alike, whose identity has up to this date not been possible to confirm.