Adolf Lazi


Trained as a sacral sculptor, Lazi (German, 1884–1955) was a self-taught photographer who opened his first studio in Munich in 1906. He continued his education at the Bavarian State School for Photography and at Nadar Fils’ Paris studio before WWI, where he met first success with pictorial printing techniques. In 1929, he opened a studio for advertising, and industrial photography in Stuttgart. In 1950 he founded the Lazi International School for Higher Photography in Stuttgart, that is still run by his family today. One of his best-known students there was Ludwig Windstosser. Lazi founded the fotoform group together with Peter Keetman, Otto Steinert and Siegfried Lauterwasser in 1948 and exhibited in the first subjektive fotografie exhibition in Saarbrücken in 1951.