Albert Watson


Albert Watson (British, born 1942) grew up in Scotland and studied graphic design in Dundee, and film and television at the Royal College of Art in London. Though one of his eyes has been blind since birth, Watson also studied photography as part of his curriculum. In 1970 he moved to Los Angeles with his wife and started taking photographs on the side. Later that same year he was offered a job as a photographer in advertising. His distinctive photographic style soon earned him success, and shooting for various fashion magazines, Watson began commuting between L.A. and New York. His 1973 portrait of Alfred Hitchcock was the first in a long line of celebrity portraits and was his breakthrough as a photographer. In 1976 he moved to New York and started working for Vogue, and has since then worked for the world’s most important magazines. Due to his distinguished photographic vision, Watson has also created many successful advertising campaigns and TV commercials.