Friedrich Brandt


Friedrich Brandt (German, 1823–1891) had completed an apprenticeship as a bookbinder in 1844, and most likely had encountered photographs during this time. In 1851 he opened his own photographic studio in Schleswig, but one year later moved to Flensburg. Brandt was one of the earliest photographers in Northern Germany, Schleswig-Holstein in particular. He mainly took portraits, but also photographed cityscapes and took architectural photographs. Of particular historical import is Brandt’s war photography. Brandt was one of only four war photographers documenting the Second Schleswig War in 1864. His photographs were taken on battlefields and in war zones, often shortly after the battles had taken place. In Europe, these photographs are among the earliest examples of war photography, next to those documenting the Crimean War. Friedrich Brandt is thus considered to be one of the pioneers of German photography.