Gaspar Gasparian


Gasparian (Brazilian, 1899-1966) turned to photography in the early 1940s after working in the family textile store, Casa Armenia, and becoming a successful businessman in diverse ventures. After an initial Pictorialist phase, he joined the renowned Foto Cine Clube Bandeirante (Photo Cinema Club of Pioneers, short FCCB) in São Paulo in 1942, contributing important modernist works until 1950, when he co-founded the Clube dos Seis (Club of the Six, with Angelo Francisco Nuti, Fernando Palmério, Ricardo Belinazzi, Otávio Pini, and João de Amorim, Jr.). At both institutions, he honed his photography, participated actively in national and international exhibitions and salons, and won various prestigious awards. Gasparian developed his versatile visual concept in elegant compositions and abstract tendencies.