Marianne Brandt

(née Liebe) 1893–1983

Beginning in 1923 Marianne Brandt (German, 1893–1983) studied at Bauhaus Weimar under the tutelage of Josef Albers, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee and in the metal shop under László Moholy-Nagy and Christian Dell. In 1926 while at Bauhaus Dessau she began to experiment with photography in addition to her design work with metal. She took many self-portraits and portraits of Bauhaus personalities and made photomontages inspired by László Moholy-Nagy's art theory. In 1929 she participated in the Film und Fotografie exhibition in Stuttgart. From 1933 on she worked as a freelance metal designer in Chemnitz and after 1949 taught at the Art Colleges in Dresden and Berlin-Weissensee.