Monika von Boch


A librarian until 1963 and an active amateur photographer, Monika von Boch (German, 1915-1993) attended Otto Steinert’s evening classes in Saarbrücken at the Staatliche Schule für Kunst und Handwerk from 1950 to 1957. From 1952 to 1963 she worked as the in-house photographer at the ceramics manufacturer Villeroy&Boch. Influenced by Steinert, she turned to experimental techniques such as camera-less photography. Boch had a distinct interest in abstraction but stayed rooted in the ideas of nature and landscape. In 1954 she participated in the second subjektive fotografie exhibition. Around 1960 she connected with Steinert’s assistant Kilian Breier and the artists’ group neue gruppe saar. A freelance photographer until 1980, she turned to ceramics and graphic art in her later career.