Wilhelm Schürmann


While still a chemistry student, Wilhelm Schürmann (German, born 1946) began teaching himself photography. In the 1970s he used the photographic series to concentrate on his main thematic interest: the city. These black and white photographs recreate the spatial complexity of city and suburban landscapes in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Great Britain. His exhibitions and publications include: In Deutschland: Aspekte gegenwärtiger Dokumentarfotografie (1979) and Wilhelm Schürmann – Fotografien (1979, Text Klaus Honnef). In 1972 his interest extended to collecting photography, and in 1974 he and Rudolf Kicken opened the Galerie Lichttropfen in Aachen, which they operated jointly until 1977. He has been a professor of photography in the design department of the Fachhochschule Aachen since 1981. Today his dedication to the photographic medium continues in his activities as a collector, curator, and professor.