Albert Renger-Patzsch

100 Photographs. Photographien. Photographies

Publication 1979

Edited by Galerie Schürmann & Kicken, in cooperation with Centre Beaubourg, Paris; Kunsthalle Bielefeld; Neue Sammlung, Munich
Published by S&K Book’s, Cologne/Boston, Créatis, Paris 1979
Essays in English, German, and French by Fritz Kempe and Carl Georg Heise
120 pages with 100 illustrations
ISBN 902893


From the introduction: “With the help of this catalogue we are trying to reconstruct the ideas of Albert Renger-Patzsch’s famous book Die Welt ist schön. It illustrates a traveling exhibition of 100 original vintage-photographs, from the period before 1928. One part of the text represents an excerpt of the original, written by Professor Carl Georg Heise, who was the first one to discover Albert Renger-Patzsch’s talent and is also the editor of his famous book. The biography and interpretation of Renger-Patzsch’s work is written by his friend Fritz Kempe, the former curator of photography at the Landesbildstelle/Hamburg.”
A publication on the occasion of a traveling exhibition curated by Galerie Schürmann & Kicken, Cologne, exhibited at Centre Beaubourg, Paris; Kunsthalle Bielefeld; Neue Sammlung, Munich