Doug Anderson

Publication 1990

Edited by Kicken Pauseback in cooperation with Stux Gallery, New York and Galeria Alejandro Sales, Barcelona
Published by Alejandro Sales Gallery, Barcelona and Kicken-Pauseback, Cologne 1990
Essays in English and Spanish by Dan Cameron
48 pages with 13 illustrations


From the introduction by Dan Cameron: "Anderson is an acutely sensitive young artist who is facing the 1990s with the sense of enormous historical weight (the unblinking gaze of posterity?), and deciding that his own contribution to clearing the atmosphere a bit might be to try and force banality and profundity to get along better in public. In essence, Anderson might be saying, it really doesn’t matter what one paints as long as one keeps the larger issues in mind."

This catalog has been published on the occasion of Doug Anderson’s exhibitions at the Stux Gallery, New York, on October 1989, at the Alejandro Sales Gallery, Barcelona, February – March 1990 and at Kicken Pauseback Gallery, Cologne, April – May 1990.