Publication 2012

Cahier 5
Edited by Annette & Rudolf Kicken
Published by Kicken Berlin, Berlin 2012
Preface by Annette & Rudolf Kicken, texts by Carolin Förster
68 pages with 20 illustrations


From the introduction: "Building on Exposures 1—our inaugural collection of texts on a selection of photographic masterpieces, published in the spring of 2012—we are delighted to be able to take stock anew in this, our second volume. Exposures 2 demonstrates beautifully that there are still unusual and exciting works of vintage photography to be explored. We hope to make these new insights available to a wider audience, making use of photography’s classic form of mediation: the book. The visual power of the twentieth century’s images seems inexhaustible. In László Moholy Nagy’s photogram from his time at the Bauhaus Weimar, we not only recognize the bold approach of the New Vision—in which cameraless photography’s literal “light designs” abandon the notion of representing the world mimetically—but also recall photography’s beginnings in the nineteenth century and its photogenic drawings: the soft, immediate trace of lace, fauna, and other objects directly placed on light-sensitive paper. Bernd and Hilla Becher structure and shape our view of a long-neglected part of our cultural history: industry. Their contemporary Andy Warhol takes one of art’s oldest subjects—the human nude—as the point of departure for an exuberant visual narrative. These are only a few examples of the new and old photographic classics contained within this stimulating collection of images and texts. We hope you enjoy making some new discoveries of your own."