Rare and Out-of-Print Photographic Books.
Antiquarische Photographische Literatur


Publication 1979

Edited by Schürmann & Kicken Books
Published by Schürmann & Kicken Books, Cologne/Boston 1979
90 pages with numerous small-scale illustrations


Rudolf Kicken and Wilhelm Schürmann wrote in 1979 in the introduction: “Essentially, this catalogue is a product of chance. During our long investigations for the gallery Schürmann & Kicken a quite considerable amount of interesting photographic books and notable number of copies of the same title were collected. This inspired us to plan and to start the catalogue at hand. Inspite of considerable delays that had to be taken, the studies were interesting, the reactions of those to whom we talked about our idea to start a catalogue of rare and out-of-print photographic books were very encouraging. We hope to attract the highest possible number of collectors and other prospective customers with our catalogue. Part of the catalogue deals mainly with photographic illustrated books that have been neglected in rare and out-of-print book offers known to us; we are of the opinion that there should be – and actually there is – a collector’s interest.”