T. Lux Feininger


Theodore Lux (Lukas) Feininger (American, born German, 1910–2011) was born to the painter Lyonel Feininger and his wife Julia. In 1919 his father became professor at the Bauhaus in Weimar. In the environment of the Bauhaus, T. Lux Feininger first started photographing in his mid-teens. In 1926, he began his studies at the Bauhaus in Dessau. After the obligatory preliminary course, between 1927 and 1929 he was a member of the Bauhausbühne, the school’s theater workshop lead by Oskar Schlemmer. He was also a musician in the Bauhaus-Kapelle (Bauhaus orchestra), frequented several courses and also intensively studied painting. During his time at the Bauhaus many photographs came into being, providing insights into everyday life at the school and its theater workshop. Between 1928 and 1931 he worked for the photo-agency Dephot, based in Berlin – a job that the photographer Umbo had arranged for him. In 1936 he moved to New York City, working as a freelance artist and focusing on painting. Between 1942 and 1946 he served in the US Army, and returned to New York in 1946. From 1950 to 1962 he taught at several American art schools and universities. From 1962 to 1975 he held a professorship for drawing and painting at the Boston Arts Museum School.