Publication 2012

Cahier 4
Edited by Annette & Rudolf Kicken
Published by Kicken Berlin, Berlin 2012
Essays by Annette & Rudolf Kicken, and Carolin Förster
68 pages with 17 illustrations


From the introduction: "The publication Exposures 1 is a collection of photographs near and dear to our hearts. We have been dedicated to the manifold and rich images from all the epochs of photography—from the early years through classic modernism and up until the present—for almost forty years. Their visual power and their stories enrich our lives and our work; we continue to learn new facts and details about certain works, which together provide a multilayered picture and sometimes even surprise us. The goal of this edition is to share the invisible knowledge behind the visible art. Photographic historian Carolin Förster has brought together here a wealth of information available otherwise only in art fairs and exhibition brochures. For the first time, this knowledge has been collected in one place."