F.C. Gundlach


After receiving his professional training at a private school for photography, F.C. Gundlach (German, 1926-2021) worked as an assistant for various studios before going freelance in 1952. From 1954 on fashion photography took center stage in his work. Concurrently he started the professional photography service PPS in Hamburg in 1967, to which he added the PPS-Galerie F.C. Gundlach in 1975. After selling PPS in 1992 he focused on preserving and presenting his own body of work and on his private collection, which centers on images of humanity. In 1993 he founded the Arbeitskreis Photographie Hamburg e.V. and initiated the Photography Triennale, which he actively shaped from 1999 until 2014. In 2003 he was appointed founding director of the Internationales Haus der Photographie at the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg, where his collection is on permanent loan.