Anton Josef Trčka. Edward Weston.Helmut Newton


Publication 1998

Edited by Carl Haenlein and Rudolf Kicken
Published by Scalo Verlag, Zurich 1998
Essays by Rudolf Kicken, Carsten Ahrens, Monika Faber, and Michael Stoeber
208 pages with 124 illustrations
ISBN 3-931141-88-8


From the essay by Rudolf Kicken: “The exhibition The Artificial of the Real offers a series of extremely thrilling insights into the creative work of three important—but absolutely different—twentieth century photographers whose work and influence took place in wholly distinct periods and in geographically separated cultural circles but whose work reveals the pivotal role played by the treatment and staging of the body in the photography of our century. The exhibition displays Photographic Bodies by Anton Josef Trčka, that talent of Czech origin, unrecognized and bereft of fame during his lifetime, a contemporary of Rudolf Koppitz in Vienna, by Edward Weston, the famous photographer from Carmel, California, and by the cosmopolitan fashion and portrait photographer Helmut Newton who is certainly one of the most famous contemporary photographers of nudes.”
The catalogue was published on the occasion of the exhibition with the same title at Kestner Gesellschaft Hanover, March 14 – May 24, 1998.